Deanery Trip

Fr Danny attended a clergy deanery trip to York along with Fr Michael, Fr Jamie, Fr Billy, Fr Noel, Fr David, Fr Sandy & Fr Gerry (Glasgow).  Each day we had a themed reflection given to us and we celebrated mass in York Minster Cathedral crypt, The Bar Convent (established in 1686, the oldest established convent in the UK) home of the Congregation of Jesus founded by Mary Ward.  This was a secret catholic community founded in a time of catholic persecution which later became a school for catholic girls.  Not far from here is the home of St Margaret Clitherow where we celebrated mass.  Margaret, the Pearl of York, was martyred in 1586 for harbouring priests in her home.  Inspirational catholic women from York!  We also attended evensong in the cathedral and a seasonal mystery play, using the nave of the cathedral as a backdrop, a massive cast of actors wonderfully outlined the history of salvation in a 3  hour play.  A visit to York is highly recommended.

York Minster Crypt

Shrine of St Margaret Clitherow