As amended at A.G.M. on 27 June 2010



1.  These standing orders shall have neither force nor application until specifically adopted, either in total or in part or as the Diocese of Argyll and the Isles have decreed. They shall not be amended or varied in any one year subsequent to their adoption, unless a motion to amend or vary them has been carried at an Annual General Meeting or a subsequent Special Meeting called for that purpose.


2.   Name of Group.


                 (1) The name of the group shall be "Our lady and St.Mun’s Pastoral                  




                 (2) The council structure will consist of twelve members from the


                 parish, plus the Parish Priest as ex-officio.


3.   Number of meetings


     The council shall meet quarterly and more frequent if required.


4.   Aims


                 (1)  Liturgy of worship. To build upon existing good practice by consolidating the organisation


                 of Eucharistic Ministers, Readers, Passkeepers, Offertory Procession, Music, Church cleaning, Ground maintenance; 


                 and by providing training where necessary to encourage wider participation in and development of these ministries, 


                 especially by involving the young.


                 (2)  Education in faith.


                 To set up an education programme to meet the needs of adults, youth,           


                 children and catechumens, based on R.C.I.A. and related courses.


                 (3)  Resources.


                 To review the resources available for these developments, within the parish,


                 so that the best use might be made of human talents, material


                 facilities(Parish Centre)and existing groups (CaFE, Children’s Liturgy, Pro-Life, Prayer.)


                 (4)  To further these aims by a yearly meeting with the parish and to give an       


                 account on what the council has organised or dealt with, commencing 1996.


 5.   Officers and Councillors of the Council


     (1) The officers of the council shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and


                 the Secretary. They shall hold office until they resign or until the next          


                 annual general meeting, which ever comes first.


                 (2) In the event an officer shall resign or be unable for any reason to


                 continue to act during their term of office. the council may appoint


                 someone from the council, to serve the remainder of the term of office in


                 whose stead they have been appointed.


                 (3) In the event of a council member resigning, the council may appoint


                 a replacement from within the parish who will have the term of office of the


                 Councillor replaced.


6.   Duties of the Council Officers


     (1) The Chairman shall chair all council meetings and any meetings held in


                 the name of the council.


                 (2) The Vice-Chairman shall in the absence of the Chairman preside at all




(3) The Secretary shall prepare and keep all minute books and records of the                                                                  


     council (except financial records); give notice of all meetings of the   


                 council and be responsible for all the arrangements therefore; and be              


                 responsible for the interpretation of said rules.


7.   Voting procedure at meetings.


     (1) Voting shall be decided by a show of hands unless a secret ballot is


                 asked for by two or more councillors.


(2) The Secretary will record in the minutes the number of votes for and        


     against the motion, also any abstentions.


                 (3) Each councillor shall have one vote, the Chairman will also have a


                 casting vote.


                 (4) No business can be discussed without a fifty per cent quorum.


8.   A.G.M. of council.


                 (1) The annual general meeting of the council shall be an open meeting, to be held in the month


                 of June each year for the purpose of transacting any annual business of the council.         


                 (2) The Secretary of the council shall give at least twenty one days


                 notice in writing of the A.G.M., specifying the business to be transacted at


                 that meeting to every member on the council.


 9.   Appointment of new Council members


                 (1) Councillors will be appointed initially for a two year term. Thereafter, at two yearly intervals, a


                 parish-wide appeal will be published in the Parish Bulletin in April for volunteers to serve on


                 the council and, depending on the results of this appeal, an appropriate number of


                 serving councillors will be invited to stand down to make room for the new volunteers.


                 (2) Every parishioner of Our Lady and St.Mun's will be most welcome to apply to join the council.



Constitution and Standing Orders


Pastoral Council


Our Lady and St. Mun’s, Duoon